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Add a Facebook retargeting pixel to every URL you share on Social Media

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Shorten any link and embed your
Facebook pixel ID in them.


Share these links on social media
to get clicks.


Retarget Facebook ads to the people
who click your links.

Powerful short URLs that let you retarget

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Just some of the brands that love GrowthPen

Danni Bull Head of social media DRTY clothing "Growthpen is great because it lets us target specific people who enjoy our content. It provides something unique that I've not seen before. A URL shortner and retargetting for my social media campaigns all in one"

Ryan Craig Head of marketing SUDO "Growthpen has provided a solution to several of our problems. Not only is it a URL shortner but it also allows us to retarget to people who are interested in the content we share."

Grow your custom Facebook Audience

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